Wullinkamma nursery sponsorship

£50 a year will allow a nursery child to attend school for a year and will cover fees, uniform, teacher wages and all equipment

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Wullinkamma Nursery

Our Nursery currently accommodates 160 children.

We operate a sponsorship program to provide schooling and equipment to the most vulnerable children. Without your generous donations education would not be an option for most of these children.

Through our charity an entire Lower basic school has been built and handed over to the Government. The school accommodates 1050 children with 8 classrooms and 24 teachers. This is currently being expanded with 6 more classrooms being built. 

Activities and Events

During dry season, when funds allow, approximately 12 children are taken to the local beach where they have fun playing on the sand and in the sea, dancing to drumming, playing games and having lunch. Many of these children have never seen the sea before so it can be a very exciting experience for them. We usually start by getting the children to pick up litter and explaining the importance of keeping their environment clean. Then the children play on the beach, dance to local drummers and end the day with a small snack and a gift. It is also a lovely way for sponsors to get to meet their sponsored children in an informal setting. We also arrange for the children to visit local attractions such as the Snake Farm, the Crocodile Pool, the Monkey Park, Tanji Museum. The cost of each day trip is £40 for a group of children. This covers activities, transportation and lunch for the day for all children.

Sponsor a child

To sponsor a named child at the Nursery costs six pounds monthly. The sponsorship covers schooling fees, uniform, teacher salary and all equipment.

Milk for Nursery Children

£120 will pay for a sack of milk powder so our nursery children can have a drink of milk daily for a full term. A donation of £30 would provide milk for 1 month for all of our nursery children.

Breakfast Provision

Due to lack of food, water and malnutrition we experienced children fainting and suffering from dizziness following long walks to school. To reduce these occurrences we decided to provide breakfasts when donors make this possible.

£40 will pay for over 500 needy children to have a breakfast such as porridge flavoured with fruit or a local dish of tapalapa with beans.

Donations - Wullinkamma nursery sponsorship

We are very grateful for any one off or monthly donations of any amount.

These can be used towards medication, baby milk, dressings and staff wages.