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Hi! My name is Del Dallimore.I came to Gambia originally with my teenage children for Christmas. I had been a foster carer for many years and our family raised money to build a nursery school at Bakoteh, and I spent longer and longer periods volunteering at local nursery schools.I was appalled at some of the conditions these young children had to endure and completed a Masters course on Early Years Education and Care at Swansea University where I concentrated on the Nursery system in the Gambia.

I finally moved out here for good and lived in Kololi for a while, then in 2007 moved to the Brufut/Wullinkamma area where I found a small nursery. The teachers were unpaid, the compound unfenced (goats used to drink the childrens’ drinking water). I managed to arrange sponsorship so the teachers could be paid, and gradually improved the premises with the help of donors.

Many children had never had any further education after they left us at 7 years, as the Lower Basic was much too far away. In 2012, with the help of donors, we built a Lower Basic School near the Nursery.

In 2013 I attended the funeral of a small boy from our lower basic. He had died of malaria and I determined then that no more children from our schools would die of malaria again. In 2014 the clinic was established.

I co-ordinate the sponsorships and donations with the help of Abbass, our retired headmaster and Hamed our Project Manager.

One of the teachers, Mr Sarr, highlights any older child desperately in need of items such as uniform, books and stationery. He also co-ordinates handing out sanitary towels for older children at school.

As a team we highlight any child or family who are in desperate need of help.


Project Manager

My name is Hamidou Jallow (Hamed) I’ve lived in Brufut all my life. I have a wife and 6 children and I am 43 years of age. I started working for Del as a driver but in 2012 took over the building of the school.

I coordinated the building of new nursery classrooms, two bantabas, extra classrooms, the kitchen and the building of the Clinic. I am very dedicated in my role and always work to the best of my ability in all that I do.

In my role as Project Manager I oversee the maintenance of the premises, collect and deliver donated items also organising any new building projects.

I enjoy the privilege of being able to recommend to Del those families in need and children who may particularly need our help.


Retired Headmaster

My name is Mr Abbass Cham, I am married with ten children and six other dependents. I was Headmaster at the Lower Basic school from when it opened in 2012 until my retirement in 2021. I have 40 years teaching experience and have worked in six other schools.

Following retirement I still enjoy interacting with the children, families and community. I am a volunteer at two Non Government Organisations.

Anything that makes teaching and learning conducive to both teachers and children pleases me enormously.


SAAMA Trustees

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m very privileged to be a trustee of this wonderful charity. I help with banking issues, money transfers to Del and whatever else crops up.

My husband and l visited Gambia in 2012 for just one week, we met with Del to hand over donated goods and to see the work she does with the children. Del and Hamed immediately struck us as quiet, unassuming and humble people and, from the very start, we knew our donations were safe. My husband often jokes that it was the cheapest, most expensive, holiday we ever had. We regularly holiday in Gambia now and are able to track the progress of the life saving work and education provided by all of our amazing donors, thank you so much one and all.


SAAMA Trustees

Hi my name is Kate and I’m the chair of the charity SAAMA. I am responsible for the legal paperwork of the charity including end of year accounting.

I have been visiting The Gambia with my family since 2015. From my very first trip I fell in love with the place and felt an immense feeling of home during my time there. Two days back in the UK and I was already booking my next trip to visit. I try to visit the Gambia at least once per year and count down the days until I am back there reunited with my second family.

The children and families that are supported through the charity show so much gratitude and appreciation for things, no matter how small, it makes every second worthwhile.

As a trustee I help to arrange and manage fundraising events, send out appeals, audit payments and collect donations of clothing, footwear and medical supplies to send over.

Alongside this I complete important documentation required to ensure that the charity remains compliant.

Our charity is reliant solely on donations and couldn’t give the level of support needed without your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much for

Donations - Sponsoring Academic And Medical Access

We are very grateful for any one off or monthly donations of any amount.

These can be used towards medication, baby milk, dressings and staff wages.